Where To Start

I have found this company to be the best to work with, and I have personally gotten my iPad through this same company so you know it is legit.

The first thing it is going to ask you is to select the color you want for your iPad (black or white). After that enter your email. Then, it will ask you your shipping information. Make sure it is correct. You do not want to do all of this work and not recieve the free iPad.

After this I would Highly suggest to real their terms and conditions. Yes, I know it is long but it will be worth it to you to know the ins-and-outs of what you are about to do.

Now you are ready to start signing up to your ten free trial offers. They will start you off with what they call the bronze offers. After completing two of those it will send you to silver, then gold, after that platinum offers. Be VERY sure to read, read, read all of the fine print. Some of these companies are kind of sneaky.

I signed up to an offer called Disney Movie Club. Then offer was to buy three movies for $2.99, they made it seem like that was it but about a month later I recieved a Disney Movie in the mail and a bill for $20. I had to send the movie back and called them to get my money back.

Some of the offers will put you in far more trouble than that. Some almost costing as much as the iPad itself. So again be very careful.

When signing up

Make sure that you write down or some how keep tabs on all of them. The company won't really for you. Well, lets face it they really don't want you to succeed. But you will! If you stay on top of things.

The Cancelation Limitation

You may only cancel 2 out of the 10 offers that you sign up too. If you cancel more they will know and will not be sending you an iPad. Again read the policy.

Get Your iPad

When you are done signing up, call them. They will most likely give you an address to send all of the confirmation print outs. Six weeks later you wilk have your free iPad!